Tanz in Deutschland

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Ob Sie Tanzaufführungen in Ihrer Region suchen, Ballettschulen in der Nähe, ob Sie sich einen Überblick über die künstlerische Landschaft verschaffen wollen oder als Künstlerin Informationen zu Förderung suchen – wir versuchen, den Überblick zu behalten und Sie zu den wichtigsten Websites zu leiten. 

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A diverse dance landscape

Germany has a diverse dance landscape. Approximately 60 ensembles at city and state theaters, 1000 independent groups and 10,000 protagonists work professionally in the field of artistic dance. Dance at public theaters receives about 100 million EUR funding per year; approximately 10 million flow into independent productions.

Dance belongs to our society – it is a part of cultural education programs and the creative economy, plays a role in research projects, is recreation and a part of physical and creative fitness for hundreds of thousands of people. 


Who dances where in Germany? Where do I find dance lessons, where can I get a professional education? What are the best Dance in Schools projects? What is “state of the art” in the dance sciences? How does dance medicine not only protect professional dancers’ health, but also advance research into health through movement? How many objects and documents do the German dance archives have on file?

There is still no compact overview about dance in Germany. You can find a lot of information from other sources, such as statistics from the Deutsche Bühnenverein (German Stage Association) or publications from the Bundesverband Freier Theater’s  (Federal Association of Independent Theaters), the Fonds Darstellende Künste or the International Theater Institute. Fortunately, the members and partners of the Dachverband Tanz Germany are working on a publication on dance in Germany – with numbers and facts from the world of artistic dance.

You can find introductory information and concepts about “the maps of dance” in Germany at the links listed below.


What are the Dachverband Tanz’s issues, and how does it intend to reach its goals? Since its founding, the Dachverband has made its objectives the subject of discussion in concept texts and formulated the guidelines for its actions on a regular basis.

At the beginning (2006), the “10 Handlungsmaxime für den Tanz” (The 10 Guidelines for Action in Dance) were published. In 2010, the most important issues were formulated in the “Bundesweiten Initiative Tanz” and then realized in the “Initiative Tanz” program. The goal of a structured system of support for dance is now formulated in the framework concept of the “Bund-Länder-Initiative Tanz”.

In the category “Dance Texts”, documents have been collected that formulate future issues and develop problem-solving visions. 


Bund-Länder-Initiative Tanz (2012/2013)

Förderprogramm Initiative Tanz (2012)

Themenschwerpunkte Bundesweite Initiative Tanz (2010)

10 Handlungsmaxime für den Tanz (2006)

Message for International Dance Day 2020

Gregory Vuyani MAQOMA, South AfricaDancer, actor, choreographer and dance educator

It was during an interview I had recently that I had to think deeply about dance, what does it mean to me? In my response, I had to look into my journey, and I realized that it was all about purpose and each day presents a new challenge that needs to be confronted, and it is through dance that I try to make sense of the world.

We are leaving through unimaginable tragedies, in a time that I could best describe as the post-human era. More than ever, we need to dance with purpose, to remind the world that humanity still exists. Purpose and empathy need to prevail over years and years of undeniable virtual landscape of dissolution that has given rise to a catharsis of universal grief conquering the sadness, the hard reality that continues to permeate the living confronted by death, rejection and poverty. Our dance must more than ever give a strong signal to the world leaders and those entrusted with safeguarding and improving human conditions that we are an army of furious thinkers, and our purpose is one that strives to change the world one step at a time. Dance is freedom, and through our found freedom, we must free others from the entrapments they face in different corners of the world. Dance is not political but becomes political because it caries in its fibre a human connection and therefore responds to circumstances in its attempt to restore human dignity.

As we dance with our bodies, tumbling in space and tangling together, we become a force of movement weaving hearts, touching souls and providing healing that is so desperately needed. And purpose becomes a single hydra-headed, invincible and indivisible dance. All we need now is to dance some more!!!!

How to Celebrate International Dance Day - Guidelines